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You’ve come to the right place, and the universe has aligned our company with yours. Your dream idea or project is only a phone call away from taking on new dimensions. Our next step is to consult with you directly and begin manifesting your best visual identity for your brand. 

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10 min / 2 Q&As / pricesless info

Review (live)
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Visual Voice of Chicago

The incredible efforts of Dessin Mogul™ over the previous decade has landed us as a go-to, top resource and provider of creative content.

Our voice is very visual and our creative reach is ever-expanding. We began here in the Chicagoland Area. Dessin Mogul™ is honored served one of the most dynamic metropolis societies in the world!

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Creative Fundamentals
$ 100/USD
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1 hr / unlimited Q&A / 5 benefits

Brand Consistency
$ 300/mo
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2 hr / unlimited Q&A / 10 benefits

Just hire an Art Director
$ 2600/mo
123 Fifth Avenue, NY 10160

3 weekly consultations / 20 hrs / + design

a Mogul consultation means



We start at home with your brand or company. From your mission we begin to birth visual concepts that communicate your purpose vividly.


Our full consultations begin your journey to the next level of your brand’s digital strategy. 


We bring in the birds eye perspective when developing aspects of your brand identity or producing content for you. Your grand vision comes to life even further after our visionary mogul touch.

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