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We offer professional, front-end web design services. You get to choose between two platforms to build your masterpiece.


single landing page design

for special branding purposes

WIX website design

mangable web design

WORDPRESS site design

for immense sites


for masterful brand consistency: get up to 8 pages of specialized designs that match your brand identity and convey your message. We do this easily with a minimum of 7 billboard-sized graphics that are strategically placed throughout your site.

After booking your consultation date and speaking with us you’ll have the opportunity to add more than the standard amount of pages to your web design project.

Of course people ask all the time to see samples of work. Below are some samples of our web design , landing page design, and online content for a website. 

All sites and landing pages are responsive, and mobile friendly. We take extra time to make sure everything looks great. 

Frequently asked questions

Dessin Mogul is a Video and Digital Marketing agency that provides 360 degree creative services. We specialize in combining all facets of media to generate brand consistency for our clients. This gives them the appearance of multi-million dollar brands. We give our clients “the look.”

Our services range anywhere from $100 and up. Investing in your brand image is as important as investing in your own image. We spend a lot on our cars, clothing, and even food & drinks. How much do we spend on our brand’s appearance? How much do we spend for refreshments for our websites & logos?

Our services are ideal for businesses, business owners, executive marketing officers, art directors, agencies, influencers, products, large production companies, and small businesses. If you fit any of these descriptions then let’s guide you in the right direction. Our clients like Viacom are directed at more agency-level services, while small businesses should look into our Media Buffet™ platform for businesses and influencers.

  1. Video is the #1 leading pioneer in driving brand success and marketing results in 2020.
  2. Video production & website design is like a vehicle for your brand. These elements last your brand for 5-10 years when done correctly. Invest once and be set for quite some time if you’re a small business on a budget.
  3. Graphic design transcends so many elements of our communication that we overlook. Logo design, flyers, billboards, website ads, video titles, PDFs, e-books, you name it- it’s all important. Even newspapers and magazines are of high demand even in 2020 as everything has pivoted digital. No matter the times, we understand the importance of design, composition, layout, typography, and the industry standards of proper design principles. Your company should be utilizing these golden rules too so that you communicate your message most effectively and with beauty.
  4. Photography is an element of media that also tells the rest of any story! We utilize artistic fundamentals of composition with graphic design/ layout & professional photography to create engaging and dynamic images that include text for maximum communication.

We are currently seeking creative and intellectual interns & ambassadors to pioneer the mogul mission. Send us your resume and a portfolio and let’s talk.

the Media Buffet™ is an all inclusive pricing platform for media production bundles especially designed for small businesses and influencers. We work to produce and ‘batch’ months worth of content in one pre-determined production day. Contact Us

Local travel up to 20 miles is permitted before a $100 travel fee is added. State-to-state travel is subject to out-or range fees (typically anythingfurther than 50mi curently)

We offer international and domestic travel, for a solid fee which you can book online before arriving. Starting @ • $5k, Nationally, • $8k+Internationally

Client etiquette is very important to us. That’s why beginning November 4th 2020, all new clients will sign a client etiquette agreement between Dessin Mogul, and themselves agreeing that both parties will be treated like royalty!

After booking your consultation date you’ll need to download and complete your homework: a thorough brand survey (Q&A) with deep questions about your brand and mission.

Some packages are eligible for “intern pricing.” Same great qulity, lower price; help educate an intern in the process. 

During the production phase of your package creation, you’ll have the option to activate add-ons such as rush-delivery, extra revisions, or extra shooting time on production day.


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